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Smores Brownies

Smores Brownies

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Imagine: toasty marshmallow fluff that almost melts in your mouth, a surprise slurry of caramel, seeping into a rich, chewy brownie center with an almond & hazelnut crust to end your bite with a crunch. That’s how I visualized the experience should be and that’s what I set out to create. Of course, all low-carb and guilt-free!

We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we had fun making them. Never hold back on the treats again!

Key ingredients: Almond Flour, Hazelnuts, Butter, Monkfruit, Erythritol, Brown Erythritol, Unsweetened Chocolate, Eggs, Heavy Cream, Himalayan Salt, Beef Gelatin

Macros per piece: 143.3 calories, 13.9 g Fat, 3.3g Protein, 1.2 g Net Carbs

Comes in a box of 6. Best enjoyed at room temperature. 

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