Extra layers of "oomph" and "kilig", now added to our best-selling brazo cups and thus have fully transformed it into a cake!

Each 5.5 x 2" tin can is filled with 4 layers of guilt-free goodness:

  • an almond powder crust sweetened with golden monkruit
  • thicc, no-sugar added, vanilla ice cream
  • our zesty classic brazo custard made even silkier
  • crowned with a fluffy meringue top
  • sprinkled with stevia and erythritol

Ingredient and macro information can be found - here.

It was a challenge crafting every layer while meticulously paying attention to macro proportions, all the while making sure the taste, consistency and textures are on point with every bite.


Canned cakes have been a long time coming for XUGR (lol finally).The packaging is something that I have envisioned years ago - even before the store was live. It's peculiar how the packaging mockup is conceptualized in my mind even before I knew what product I wanted to put in it. This is probably why it took forever to release. More than the usual R&D and operational timelines, I obsessed over sourcing suppliers for containers and designing labels.

XUGR after all, aims to be a provider of a pleasurable low-carb experience and not just about products alone . We want to be strikingly spectacular in a way that pings all senses - so that more people may become aware about our low-carb advocacy. Hyped products are a dime a dozen and in a burgeoning market of low-carb treats, we want to be the most memorable brand stays with you for a long time - because fitness is not just about fad diets but a persistent changing of old habits, until it finally becomes lifestyle. ❤️

- Twila



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